I’ve just arrived back from a quick jaunt to Amsterdam. The closest I got before was a one hour stop-off at Schipol before heading off somewhere hot! The main purpose was for my friend’s birthday – I wanted to give him a birthday to remember! Hopefully this report will give you some good reasons to visit Amsterdam too!

Bristol to Amsterdam

We flew out of Bristol on a rainy morning with KLM and landed not so much later in Amsterdam. We checked in to our place with ease – it was literally an 8 minute walk from the train station and then headed out to get some food! It is worth noting that we used AirBnB for our accommodation and once again, it was a simple and straightforward process. The apartment was meticulously decorated and the street was so peaceful despite being smack bang in the middle of the city.


First things first, we headed for a pancake restaurant to fill our famished faces.

We ate until we couldn’t fit anymore in and then proceeded to wander around the city on what was a very pleasant and cool Saturday afternoon. The city is dissected by endless ribbons of water and I never once found a house whose interior design was not top class. I really loved Nordics/Scandinavian style house design and all the homes in Amsterdam has a very similar style – it is such a contrast to the usual shabby and boring design of homes in the UK. It is so easy to get to from the UK that I’m not really sure why I didn’t visit Amsterdam more often!

There was a local market selling everything you’d expect – cheeses, cakes, meats – but also stranger goods including triceratops bones and stegosaurus teeth! I’m still not sure if these were genuine or not but if they were, I’m impressed. There was also the opportunity to dress up as cheese farmers in the Amsterdam Cheese Museum (don’t pretend you’re not interested) and I’m always up for any chance to degrade myself – I think I also look quite good in a headscarf.

Amsterdam is very accessible on foot and we spent many hours taking a look around and walking until our legs were sore. Every view and every angle of the city was amazing.

The main purpose of the visit was for Ben’s birthday and we’d planned to eat at what what essentially a greenhouse. It was National Animal Day and so the menu was strictly vegetarian for that day (something I was a little apprehensive about). The restaurant was called Restaurant en Kwekerij de Kas and despite being pretty expensive – the food was incredible. Although I do think they probably should have dropped the price considering there was no expensive meat on offer.

Amsterdam Food

The greenhouse was battered by rain just as we intended to leave and so we sprinted to the taxi and back home for the night to get some well earned rest. Tomorrow held promises of the Sex Museum and Glow Golf.

I have quite a dirty mind anyway but on entering the Sex Museum even I was a little surprised at how erotic the place was. It was filled with sexual animatronics, graphic photos and videos which really are not for the more prudish and sheltered individual. I won’t post these photos just as I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise if you’re interested in going but you can see some of the museum in the video I’ve attached at the bottom of this entry.

I could quite easily have just walked around the streets with my neck bent backwards absorbing all of the buildings and design that merged to form one of the most picturesque cities I’ve ever visited.

There was an unexpected gem that we stumbled across in the form of Glow Golf. It is exactly as it sounds – golf under UV and so everything glows. There are cool fluorescent statues which give the place a great atmosphere and look. I wasn’t very good unfortunately – I hit a couple of hole-in-ones but then followed up with some awful rounds to leave me languishing behind. Happily, I didn’t come last but I didn’t win either. You can see the golf in the video below and there are a couple of photos below from inside. One bit of advice – don’t bother with the 3D glasses (we assumed they were free but they weren’t).

Amsterdam Golf Fun

I have to mention this one restaurant that we ate at during our stay. It was called Sampurna and it was run by an older Indonesian lady. She was so friendly, funny and kind and her food was superb. I’ve attached a couple of photos of the restaurant and felt that this was possibly the most tasty meal we ate all trip and was the cheapest. If you’re in town, I would definitely recommend stopping by – to be honest, even if you’re not in town, I’d visit Amsterdam just for lunch and fly back home for dinner (it was that good).

I’ve left this one short as there are so many more photos to show but I thought my video could do more of the talking for me. Please take a look and like, comment, share as you wish. Thanks for reading and enjoy the video!

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